Data Policies

1. Introduction
This data policy stipulates the publication policy for dataset in the Polar Data Journal repository administered by the National Institute of Polar Research as well as the conditions of use for the data, terms of agreement, and disclaimers.

2. Definition of Terms
Data/Dataset refers to digital data and its metadata derived from any research activity such as surveys, observations, laboratory analysis, experiments, or analysis of existing data. Metadata refers to information on the attributes of digital data derived from any research activity such as surveys, observations, laboratory analysis, experiments, or analysis of existing data. It includes information pertaining to the creators, owners, and distributors of data, their contact details and site locations, data collection periods, collection methods, and the like. The data/dataset owners refer to the individuals or groups who own the rights to dataset. If the metadata does not clearly indicate a dataset owner, then these rights are retained by the individual or group who created the dataset.

3. Polar Data Journal Repository Dataset Disclosure Policy
The data/dataset obtained from publicly funded research on the Arctic, Antarctic, or other polar regions must be made available online with as few restrictions as possible. Researchers must make every effort to release the data they have collected in as timely a manner as possible together with metadata that is as accurate as possible.

3.1. Data/Dataset Publication Standards

The Polar Data Journal repository will publish data/dataset obtained and collected in Arctic, Antarctic, and other polar regions as well as data/dataset derived therefrom. All data registered in the Polar Data Journal repository will be published at the same time that your manuscript is published.

3.2. Exceptions to the Data/Dataset Publication Standards
If, among registered datasets, there are datasets for which the financial sponsors have stipulated independent disclosure terms or other arrangements regarding access thereto, those rules will be given precedence.

3.3. Metadata
Metadata must be made available for use concurrent with or prior to the publication of a dataset. Regardless of whether access to data is restricted, all metadata for datasets that are to be published must be made accessible to the public. Data/Dataset owners must describe metadata in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the Polar Data Journal repository.

4. At Initial Submission
Authors must deposit their data in an approved data repository as part of the manuscript submission process; otherwise the manuscript will not be sent for review. If data have not already been uploaded to a repository, authors may upload files to a data repository during submission of the manuscript through the online submission system.

5. Data Use Agreement
Users will be deemed to have consented to the terms of agreement in this document at the moment they use the Polar Data Journal repository and download dataset. The Polar Data Journal repository reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice. Any changes will take effect immediately upon publication of those changes. The terms of agreement are 6. Conditions of Use. However, if arrangements regarding access to dataset is given precedence, as outlined in the exceptions in Section 3.2, users must consent thereto separately.

6. Conditions of Use
The reuse of scientific data holds promise for promoting intra- and interdisciplinary communication, teamwork, and cooperation. Therefore, full support must be given to make the reuse of data possible. Users are unconditionally guaranteed permission to use dataset provided when they satisfy the following conditions.

6.1. Acceptable use
Users must use the dataset appropriately in accordance with the conditions listed in the metadata. Authors can make data available under a Creative Commons license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License / CC0.

6.2. Prohibition of redistribution
Users shall not provide Polar Data Journal repository dataset to third parties.

7. Disclaimers
The Polar Data Journal repository is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this data.The Polar Data Journal repository may change, delete, or discontinue the information on this site at any time without notice.