Information for Reviewers

Read the submission guidelines when you review the articles.

In particular, note the following paragraphs:

3. Methods: “Authors must describe their methods in a manner that will make reproduction possible by a third party that acquires similar data and makes similar observations.”

4. Data Records: “They must explain the data files and their formats so that other researchers can reuse them by reading this section.”

5. Technical Validation: “authors must provide information that legitimates the reliability of their data.”

Be careful not to tell anyone about your reviewer status or the results of a review.

Do not use a data/dataset that you have reviewed for your personal research before the article is published.

Report to the Editorial Board quickly in the following cases:

・duplicate submission, parallel submission
・fabrication, falsification, plagiarism
・any other research misconduct

Language used, Deadline and Refusal
All reviews need to be written in English.
The review deadline will be set at 14 days.
If you wish to refuse our request, tell us as soon as possible.