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Taco DeBruinNIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research0000-0001-9149-2095
Gen HashidaNational Institute of Polar Research0000-0002-9033-9053
Akira KadokuraNational Institute of Polar Research0000-0002-6105-9562
Masaki KanaoNational Institute of Polar Research0000-0001-6330-4691
Masayuki KikuchiNational Institute of Polar Research0000-0001-6330-4691
Asanobu KitamotoNational Institute of Informatics0000-0002-1517-7795
Yasuhiro MurayamaNational Institute of Information and Communications Technology0000-0003-1129-334X
Shinya NakanoThe Institute of Statistical Mathematics0000-0003-0772-4610
Tsuneo OdateNational Institute of Polar Research
Shannon ChristoffersenUniversity of Calgary0000-0002-4895-7747
Hironori YabukiNational Institute of Polar Research0000-0001-6597-1615
Akira YamaguchiNational Institute of Polar Research

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New Special Issue
Now calling for papers

Title of the volume: 
"Data Rescue" of the International Polar Year (IPY2007-2008) 
- Decadal Anniversary of the Intensive Campaign - 
*Submission Deadline : 1 May 2019

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