Publication with Regard to Polar Data Journal

NIPR launches a new data journal “Polar Data Journal”.
A significant amount of scientific data, collected in the polar regions, are easily forgotten and filed away after the researcher has published articles related to the data. NIPR has been publishing the scientific data collected in the polar regions as two on-line publications, the “JARE Data Reports” and the “NIPR Arctic Data Reports”. The new "Polar Data Journal" will replace both of these and will be made available as a data journal. This is an advance which supports robust management of, and access to, the scientific data collected.
Some key features of the new journal are: 
 “Polar Data Journal” is a peer reviewed journal which aims to provide high quality data to researchers.
 “Polar Data Journal” is a free-access.
 “Polar Data Journal” is thoroughly edited through on-line editing system for quick publishing.
The journal content is overseen by an editing committee, which will disclose the reviewer's reports in each article of the volume.
 We hope that the new “Polar Data Journal” enhances the preservation of, and continuing access to, the high quality science data to be utilized by many researchers, and contributes the development of the open science.

December 2016

Kazuyuki SHIRAISHI, Professor
Inter-University Research Institute Corporation,
Research Organization of Information and Systems,
National Institute of Polar Research


Aims and Scope

Polar Data Journal (ISSN 2432-6771) is a free-access, peer-reviewed and online journal. It is dedicated for publishing original research data/dataset, furthering the reuse of high-quality data and the benefit to polar sciences.

Polar Data Journal aims to cover broad range of research disciplines involving Arctic, Antarctic, or other polar regions, especially earth and life sciences. The Journal primarily publishes data papers, that provides detailed descriptions of research data/dataset (e.g. Methods, Data Records, Technical validation). The Journal does not require any new scientific findings, so the Journal also welcomes submissions describing past valuable data/dataset which has not published yet.

In order to ensure data quality, Polar Data Journal requires to be passed our peer-review process. Before submitting your manuscript, authors should deposit their data/dataset to trustworthy data repository. Data authenticity is also guaranteed by publishing report of all review process, which will be published with author's manuscript at the same time.